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Studio Theelen, ‘music made to measure'

We produce music with the M of more
We regard our work as an Art, with the A of Audio...

Our legendary family business has been located in the rustic 19th-century Karelhoeve in Munstergeleen since 1975. With more than 50 years’ experience in writing and producing music, we offer you know-how, workflow and personal involvement. Our productions are unique and possess a distinct identity.

Welcome to our website. You can browse at will. You can read about us. You can get to know us and listen to samples of our diversity and craftsmanship.

Producing music is a craft, as well as an art. A lot can be written about it, there is a lot to be told… and each musician has a personal story and his own desires. It is for exactly this reason that our site has been kept quite basic and straightforward.
In our opinion it is not the word, but the thought that convinces. Therefore we would like to meet you personally, so that you can tell us how we can be of service. In return we can explain what we could do for you!