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Fine-tuning and “buffing”your project prior to publishing on CD, DVD or donwloadable media, such as mp3. Mastering is so much more than merely cleaning up a track and writing PQ-codes.

The biggest challenge is to balance all titles within the programme with regard to EQ, loudness and stereo-width. We execute the musical side of the mastering process inside ProTools and / or Soundblade HD. We can handle all sample-frequencies up to and including 192kHz. 32-bit.


The technical part of the mastering is carried out within SonicStudio Soundblade HD. Our CD-masters are issued  in ddp-format. Thus we skip the burning to disk and it is safer and more reliable, because mechanical inaccuracies and/ or physical defects of the formats are absolutely out of the question. We send our ddp-masters directly to the cd-duplication factory, through the internet.


We also do mastering-jobs for third parties. Contact us for the options.